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Samhain Group Wiccan Ritual


This is a guideline on how to conduct your Samhain ritual. It is designed with a group in mind. A balefire is used so it is best if it is held outside, however a fireplace can also be used. Safety is paramount and a bucket or water or fire extinguisher should be kept nearby in all rituals that involve fire. The primary purpose of the Samhain ritual is to honour our ancestors whose lives brought us about. You should familiarise yourself with the ritual before performing it.


Besides the participants, there also needs to be at least the hight priest and high priestess. Whoever plays these can also do the corners, though the roles can be assigned to anyone in the group.

  • High Priest

  • High Priestess

  • East

  • South

  • West

  • North

Items used:

  • God and Goddess candles. Any colours that feel right to you can be used.

  • A white candle for the altar.

  • A black or white candle for each participant.

  • Incense – sandalwood or patchouli is a good choice

  • Salt. Table salt is fine.

  • Bowl of water

  • Bread or cake

  • Candle snuff

  • Wine or fruit juice

  • Paper and Pencils for each participant

  • A place for the bale-fire to be lit and enough wood and kindling to get it going

  • Matches or a lighter

  • A copy of the 'Witches rune' for each participant

  • A space to perform the ritual where everyone can stand and a person can walk behind them.

  • A bucket of water/extinguisher for safety.


  • You might choose to have a ritual cleansing bath beforehand.

  • Light the bale-fire, if this is a large cauldron or fire basket it might take a while to get it going. Have wood and kindling on standby to top it up.

  • Set up the items needed for the ritual on an altar in the east of the ritual area, also anything symbolising time of year. e.g. pumpkin. The altar can just be a table, preferable with a red or black covering.

  • Participants are given an unlit candle

  • Pick an assistant for alternate speaking parts.


The ritual should be self explanatory with the start of lines indicating who is speaking or performing an action. If an action can be performed by anyone, the beginning of the line will just say “Action”. Read through the ritual and become familiar with it before performing it. When raising the circle, use visualisations. e.g. when calling earth picture a mountain, when purifying the space picture blue light.

The Ritual:

All Action: All enter the ritual area and walk around the bale-fire clockwise with unlit candle and end up standing around the ritual area.

Priest Says: "Welcome everyone to our Samhain ritual. Samhain is the start of the Celtic year and the day of the dead. At this time we honour our ancestors who brought us into this world. At this turn of the wheel the veil between us and the spirit realm is thinnest, easing communications between our world and the world of the dead.”

Priestess Says: “We will now cast our circle, our protective and sacred space. We will purify it with the elements, ask the God and the Goddess to join and watch over us, and then ask the elements to lend us their energy."

Priestess Action: Light the white altar candle. Light the Goddess candle and say “Mother Goddess, be here with us”.

Priest Action: Light the God candle and say “Father God, be here with us”.

Priestess Action: Mix some salt and water in a bowl

Priestess Says: We will now purify our sacred space with the water and earth

Action: While occasionally saying “I purify this area with the power of earth and water”, walk clockwise around the ritual area, outside of the participants and sprinkle the salt and water mix on the floor. Then sprinkle some inside of the area just marked out.

Action: Light the incense with the white altar candle and walk clockwise around the outside of the ritual area with it while saying “I purify this ritual area with the element of air”. Then return the incense to the altar.

Action: Light a candle from white altar candle and walk clockwise around the outside of the ritual area with it while saying “I purify this ritual area with the element of fire”.

Priest Says: "We will now light our candles from the person to our rights, while we do this we shall chant the witches rune.

East: In the East of circle, face outwards to the East and say “Hail, Guardian of the Watchtower of the East, Powers of Air! We invoke you and call you, to witness this rite and to guard this circle. ”

South: In the South of circle, face outwards to the South and say “Hail, Guardian of the Watchtower of the South, Powers of fire! We invoke you and call you, to witness this rite and to guard this circle. ”

West Says: In the West of the circle, face outwards to the West and say “Hail, Guardian of the Watchtower of the West, Powers of Water! We invoke you and call you, to witness this rite and to guard this circle.”

North Says: In the North of the circle, face outwards to the West and say “Hail, Guardians of the Watchtower of the North, Power of Earth! We invoke you and call you, to witness this rite and to guard this circle. ”

All Action: All start reciting the witches rune

Priest Action: Light own candle from white altar candle and offer own candle to person to your right. That person should light their candle from yours and then offer the flame to the next person, going clockwise until everyone has a lit candle.

All Action: Finish witches rune

Priest Says: "While looking into your candle, think of your ancestors. Thank them for bringing you into this world and giving you life. Honour them that they braved the world and brought about you, hope to inherit their best qualities and learn from them, both their achievements and their mistakes. We can honour them by living our lives as best we can. Be happy for them while on their afterlife journey and we shall wish them the best. If you want to write this message or any other message down to send them, put it on a piece of paper, fold it, and put it in the bale fire and let the message burn away."

All Action: Hand out paper and pencils and spend 5 minutes doing this and thinking about your ancestors.

Priest Says: "We have paid our respects to the dead, to those who were close to use, and to our ancestors. May they rest in piece. We say fair-well to the god and goddess. God and Goddess, we thank you for attending our ritual, Hail and Fair well”.

All: Hail and Fair well

Priest action: Extinguish God and Goddess candles with candle snuff

Priest: To all spirits raised in this ritual, we bid farewell to thee. Merry met, merry part and merry meet again. All unused raised energies are released"

Priest Says: "This ritual has come to an end, the circle is open but unbroken. Blessed Be."

Priest Says: "We will now partake of wine, and bread to ground ourselves, offering some as libation to the earth."

All Action: Drink wine and eat bread, giving some to the earth and saying "Blessed be"

Note: Now is the time have fun, scry, sing, story tell, play games etc. Dispose of salt water in earth where it wont hurt any plants or grass.

Suggested stories

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