Pagan calendar

Current Date: Feb 18 2018 19:46:28 GMT (DST not in effect)
Heathen Date: Sunna`s day, Horning 18, 2268 RE

A simple full moon rite

This is more an example of ritual form than anything terribly specific. This is how we organize our full moon gatherings. They are a chance for us to come together, a way to remind ourselves of the strength of our community, and a way to focus both on the accomplishments of the past month, and our wishes for the next. If we can actually find a way to be together every month, then we're already doing the right thing....the details are just icing.

Tools: Whatever normally appears on your altar is probably fine. Food and drink to share, a ritual goblet of some sort. It's possible to overdo it. Don't lose yourself in your accessories.

Casting the Circle: Do this according to your own our circle it seems best to improvise the calls to the quarters, and pass them around, so they're always different and pertinent to however we're feeling.

Invocation of the God

God of the sun
Though we gather tonight
In darkness to honor the mother
You are never far from us
Warm us in your light
And teach us your devotion

Invocation of the Goddess: Unless there is magic to be done afterward, this is the focus of the ritual (at least the written stuff). It's okay to make it a big deal.

Goddess of the moon
We gather tonight
To see your face
And to be together again
As we honor your presence
In our lives both now
And always
By your light, we find clarity
By your return
We learn both stability
And constant change
Light our way
Help us to find direction
Turn us to that path
With which we can truly
Find peace
Bless this night
And bless our circle
As we call to you

Now it's time to take inventory. If you have a wish for the coming month, or thanks to give for the blessings you feel right now, this is the time to share them. Make your way around the circle, and don't get so solemn that you can't communicate. Sometimes it's important to just talk. When you feel like you've come to a natural conclusion, continue.....

The Simple Feast

This has evolved only recently, and it's a new thing for me, but the blessing of the food and drink is gradually becoming a cumulative one, and I'm enjoying it very much. Whoever begins raises first the glass, and offers the first blessing. This is usually mine:

God of the harvest
Bless these gifts as you bless us all
Help us to see and remember
The Divine in all that we share

She or he then drinks, and passes the cup clockwise around the circle, with each member in turn adding whatever feels appropriate, drinking, and passing again. When this is complete, proceed in similar fashion with the food. Usually we retire the ritual cup and pour whatever is left into glasses for everyone. This has the added benefit of encouraging people to toast whenever the mood strikes.

Remain in the circle, and talk as long as you like...remember, if you're with your friends, and you're within the circle, it's all magic. Feel the energy that you create together, and feel the accumulated baggage of another month fall away in your joy.

Thank the Goddess and God for their presence, and open the circle according to custom.