January:  	Quite Moon  	July:  	Moon of Claiming
February: 	Moon of Ice 	August: 	Dispute Moon
March: 	Moon of Winds 	September: 	Singing Moon
April: 	Growing Moon 	October: 	Harvest Moon
May: 	Bright Moon 	November: 	Dark Moon
June: 	Moon of Horses 	December: 	Cold Moon
English Medieval
January: 	Wolf Moon 	July: 	Mead Moon
February: 	Storm Moon 	August: 	Corn Moon
March: 	Chaste Moon 	September: 	Barley Moon
April: 	Seed Moon 	October: 	Blood Moon
May: 	Hare Moon 	November: 	Snow Moon
June: 	Dyan Moon 	December: 	Oak Moon
Neo Pagan
January: 	Ice Moon 	July: 	Rose Moon
February: 	Snow Moon 	August: 	Lightening Moon
March: 	Death Moon 	September: 	Harvest Moon
April: 	Awakening Moon 	October: 	Blood Moon
May: 	Grass Moon 	November: 	Tree Moon
June: 	Planting Moon 	December: 	Long Night Moon