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This Pagan calendar shows Pagan, Witch, Druid and Heathen festivals, dates and events. Important neo-pagan festivals and religious holidays are included even if research into the origins are sketchy, as they are important in modern paganism. Understanding festivals roots is a good idea, for the fire festivals, research the Coligny calendar and Margaret Murray. For the Celtic tree calendar, research Robert Graves. Sources of information on old pagan festivals and calendar dates include the Coligny calendar, Cormac's Glossary and Bede's writings. Pagan carvings, pictures, artifacts and writings help validate certain events. But many events have a certain amount of guesswork added to make them useable today. Paganism has always been evolving, and our celebrations do too. As such, both modern and old events are included on this calendar for you to enjoy as you will. The dates are stored in GMT time and adjusted to the time zone you select. Everything on this site is free.

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NH-Beltane Eve(66d)
Mon Apr 30th 0:00 BST
NH-Summer Solstice(118d)
Thu Jun 21st 11:07 BST
Imbolc 1 Feb Spring Equinox Tue Mar 20 16:15 GMT Wed Mar 20 21:58 GMT
Beltane 1 May Summer Solstice Thu Jun 21 11:07 BST Fri Jun 21 16:54 BST
Lughnasadh 1 Aug Autumn Equinox Sun Sep 23 2:54 BST Mon Sep 23 8:50 BST
Samhain 31 Oct Winter Solstice Fri Dec 21 22:22 GMT Sun Dec 22 4:19 GMT

April 2018

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09 Apr 2018 info: Europe/London (0.07,51.30) - Sunrise: 06:17 Sunset: 19:45
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Sun ar>ta 20 Apr 2018
Moon sa>cp 6 Apr 2018
Moon cp>aq 9 Apr 2018
Mercury pi>ar 6 Mar 2018
Mercury ar>ta 13 May 2018
Venus ar>ta 31 Mar 2018
Venus ta>ge 24 Apr 2018
Mars sa>cp 17 Mar 2018
Mars cp>aq 16 May 2018
Jupiter li>sc 10 Oct 2017
Jupiter sc>sa 8 Nov 2018
Saturn sa>cp 20 Dec 2017
Saturn cp>aq 22 Mar 2020
Uranus pi>ar 12 Mar 2011
Uranus ar>ta 15 May 2018
Neptune aq>pi 3 Feb 2012
Neptune pi>ar 30 Mar 2025
Pluto sa>cp 27 Nov 2008
Pluto cp>aq 23 Mar 2023
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Pagan Roman Calendar
Sat, April 1 2006

The Veneralia (April 1) was the Ancient Roman festival of Venus Verticordia ("Changer of hearts"), the goddess of love and beauty. The worship of the goddess Fortuna Virilis ("Bold fortune") was also

Pagan Misc Calendar
Sun, April 1 2007

April fools / Loki's day
April Fools' Day or All Fools' Day, though not a holiday in its own right, is a notable day celebrated in many countries on April 1. It is sometimes called Lokis day amongst heathens though this is no

Pagan Heathen Calendar
Sun, April 9 2006

Day of Jarl Hakon
Haakon Sigurdsson Jarl (Old Norse: Hákon Sigurðsson, Norwegian: Håkon Sigurdsson), (d. 995) was the son of Sigurd Haakonsson, Earl of Lade, and thus Trøndelag. Haakon claimed

Pagan Roman Calendar
Wed, April 12 2006

Ludi Cereales
Cerealia was a 7-day holiday celebrated in ancient Rome in honor of the goddess Ceres. The exact dates of the April festival are uncertain: it may have started on April 12 and ended on April 19 (Or it

Pagan Celtic Calendar
Fri, April 14 2006

End of Alder Celtic tree month
F - Fearn, the Alder Month (March 18th - April 14th)

Pagan Celtic Calendar
Sat, April 15 2006

Start of Willow Celtic tree month
S - Saille, the Willow Month (April 15th - May 12th)

Pagan Roman Calendar
Sat, April 15 2006

The Fordicia, also called Hordicidia, was a Roman festival for the goddess Tellus held on April 15. During the ceremony, a pregnant cow was sacrificed, the calf fetus burned and the ashes saved for th

Pagan FirstNation Calendar
Wed, April 19 2006

End of Falcon Month
Falcon - 21st March - 19th April. The Awakening Time. Direction: North East. Element: Fire. Plant: Dandelion Mineral: Opal Function: To start things off.

Pagan Heathen Calendar
Wed, April 19 2006

April/Ostara 19 Sigrblot - First Day of Summer in old Calendar (Sacred to Odin)

Pagan FirstNation Calendar
Thu, April 20 2006

Start of Beaver month
Beaver - 20th April - 20th May. The Growing Time. Direction: EastElement: Earth with Fire. Plant: Wild Clover Mineral: Jasper Bloodstone. Function: to consolidate

Pagan Roman Calendar
Fri, April 21 2006

Parilia was a festival described in detail by Ovid in Fasti. It took place on April 21st and consisted of offerings of grains, cakes, and milk to the god of shepherds, Pales. It served as a festival f

Pagan Heathen Calendar
Sun, April 23 2006

Sigurd`s Day
Sigurd`s Day 23 April Sigur­r, German: Siegfried) was a legendary hero of Norse mythology, as well as the central character in the V÷lsunga saga. The earliest extant representations for his legend

Pagan Roman Calendar
Tue, April 25 2006

In Roman mythology, Robiga (meaning green or life) along with her brother, Robigus, were the fertility gods of the Romans. Her festival is the Robigalia and is on April 25.

Pagan Roman Calendar
Fri, April 28 2006

The Floralia, also known as the Florifertum, was an ancient Roman festival dedicated to the goddess Flora. It was held in late April through early May and symbolized the renewal of the cycle of life,

Pagan Fire Festivals Calendar
Sun, April 30 2006

NH-Beltane Eve
Fire Festivals
Since the Celtic year was based on both lunar and solar cycles, it is most likely that the holiday would be celebrated on the full moon nearest the midpoint between the vernal equinox and the summer s

Pagan Heathen Calendar
Sun, April 30 2006

Ostara 30, Walburg: this is better known as Walpurgisnacht or May Eve. Walberg is a goddess of our folk combining some of the traits of Her better-known peers. Reflect on this day on Freya, Hel, an

Pagan Fire Festivals Calendar
Sun, April 30 2006

SH-Samhain Eve
Fire Festivals
Samhain, from the Old Irish samain, is the word for November in the Gaelic languages. The Scottish Gaelic spelling is Samhainn or Samhuinn (for the feast), or an t-Samhain (for the month). The Festiva

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