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This Pagan calendar shows Pagan, Witch, Druid and Heathen festivals, dates and events. Important neo-pagan festivals and religious holidays are included even if research into the origins are sketchy, as they are important in modern paganism. Understanding festivals roots is a good idea, for the fire festivals, research the Coligny calendar and Margaret Murray. For the Celtic tree calendar, research Robert Graves. Sources of information on old pagan festivals and calendar dates include the Coligny calendar, Cormac's Glossary and Bede's writings. Pagan carvings, pictures, artifacts and writings help validate certain events. But many events have a certain amount of guesswork added to make them useable today. Paganism has always been evolving, and our celebrations do too. As such, both modern and old events are included on this calendar for you to enjoy as you will. The dates are stored in GMT time and adjusted to the time zone you select. Everything on this site is free.

Main Wheel Of The Year events (fire festivals start on the preceding eve)

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NH-Winter Solstice(-63d)
Thu Dec 21st 19:28 AST
NH-Samhain Eve(250d)
Wed Oct 31st 0:00 AST
Imbolc 1 Feb Spring Equinox Mon Mar 20 13:28 AST Tue Mar 20 19:15 AST
Beltane 1 May Summer Solstice Wed Jun 21 7:24 AST Thu Jun 21 13:07 AST
Lughnasadh 1 Aug Autumn Equinox Fri Sep 22 23:02 AST Sun Sep 23 4:54 AST
Samhain 31 Oct Winter Solstice Thu Dec 21 19:28 AST Sat Dec 22 1:22 AST

October 2017

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07 Oct 2017 info: Asia/Baghdad (44.22,33.14) - Sunrise: 06:00 Sunset: 17:41
Sun vi>li 22 Sep 2017
Sun li>sc 23 Oct 2017
Moon ar>ta 6 Oct 2017
Moon ta>ge 9 Oct 2017
Mercury vi>li 30 Sep 2017
Mercury li>sc 17 Oct 2017
Venus le>vi 20 Sep 2017
Venus vi>li 14 Oct 2017
Mars le>vi 5 Sep 2017
Mars vi>li 22 Oct 2017
Jupiter vi>li 9 Sep 2016
Jupiter li>sc 10 Oct 2017
Saturn sc>sa 18 Sep 2015
Saturn sa>cp 20 Dec 2017
Uranus pi>ar 12 Mar 2011
Uranus ar>ta 15 May 2018
Neptune aq>pi 3 Feb 2012
Neptune pi>ar 30 Mar 2025
Pluto sa>cp 27 Nov 2008
Pluto cp>aq 23 Mar 2023
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Pagan Roman Calendar
Wed, October 4 2006

Ieiunium Cereris
October 4 - Ieiunium Cereris: Fast of Ceres, instituted in 191 BC; at that time that date fell in late spring

Pagan Roman Calendar
Thu, October 5 2006

October 5 - one of 3 days on which the mundus was opened

Pagan MoonPhase Calendar
Thu, October 5 2017 21:40:00

Full Moon
Full Moon, Medieval:Blood, Celtic:Harvest Moon, NeoPagan:Blood Moon, 2017 Oct 05 18:40 Universal Time

Pagan Roman Calendar
Fri, October 6 2006

day of bad omens
October 6 - day of bad omens: anniversary of the battle of Arausio (105 BC)

Pagan Heathen Calendar
Sun, October 8 2006

Day of Erik the Red one
8 of October - Day of Erik the Red one.Follower of God Thor, father of Leif, discoverer of Greenland. He offers in this day in memory of this great vikingo, and remembers and aid to your friends, a

Pagan Heathen Calendar
Wed, October 11 2006

Winter Nights
October/Hunting 11 Winter Nights - First Day of Winter in Old Calendar (Sacred to Freya and Ancestors) Winter Nights/Vetrablot: In the Old Icelandic Calendar, winter begins on the Satyrday between

Pagan Roman Calendar
Wed, October 11 2006

In Roman religion, Meditrinalia was an obscure festival celebrated on October 11 in honor of the new vintage, which was offered in libations to the gods for the first time each year. The festival may

Pagan BirthsNDeaths Calendar
Thu, October 12 2006

Aleister Crowley BDay
Aleister Crowley was born Edward Alexander Crowley on 12 October 1875 and died on 1 December 1947. Born in Leamington, Warwickshire, England, between 11:00pm and 12 midnight on 12 October 1875. Though

Pagan MoonPhase Calendar
Thu, October 12 2017 15:25:00

Last Quarter
Last Quarter, Medieval:Blood, Celtic:Harvest Moon, NeoPagan:Blood Moon, 2017 Oct 12 12:25 Universal Time

Pagan Roman Calendar
Fri, October 13 2006

Fontus festival
October 13 - festival dedicated to Fontus

Pagan Roman Calendar
Sun, October 15 2006

The Equirria (Festival of Mars - held on February 27, First Equirria and March 14, Second Equirria) were holy days with religious and military significance at either end of the new year celebrations f

Pagan Roman Calendar
Thu, October 19 2006

The Armilustrium was a festival in honor of Mars, the god of war, celebrated on October 19. On this day the weapons of the soldiers were ritually purified and stored for winter. The army would be asse

Pagan MoonPhase Calendar
Thu, October 19 2017 22:12:00

New Moon
New Moon, Medieval:Blood, Celtic:Harvest Moon, NeoPagan:Blood Moon, 2017 Oct 19 19:12 Universal Time

Pagan FirstNation Calendar
Sun, October 22 2006

End of Crow month
Crow - 22nd September - 22nd October. The Falling Leaves Time. Direction: South West. Element: Air with Earth. Plant: Ivy Mineral: Azurite. Function: to intiate thought and ideas.

Pagan FirstNation Calendar
Mon, October 23 2006

Start of Snake Month
Snake - 23rd October - 22nd November. The Frost Time. Direction: West. Element: Water with Earth. Plant: Thistle. Mineral: Amethyst. Function: to involve.

Pagan Celtic Calendar
Fri, October 27 2006

End of Ivy Celtic tree month
G - Gort, the Ivy Month (September 30th - October 27th

Pagan MoonPhase Calendar
Sat, October 28 2017 01:22:00

First Quarter
First Quarter, Medieval:Blood, Celtic:Harvest Moon, NeoPagan:Blood Moon, 2017 Oct 27 22:22 Universal Time

Pagan Celtic Calendar
Sat, October 28 2006

Start of Reed Celtic tree month
Ng - Ngetal, the Reed Month (October 28th - November 24th)

Pagan Fire Festivals Calendar
Tue, October 31 2006

NH-Samhain Eve
Fire Festivals
Samhain, is a festival held on October 31–November 1 in Celtic cultures. The name Samhain is derived from Old Irish and means roughly "summer`s end". A harvest festival with ancient roots in Celtic

Pagan Fire Festivals Calendar
Tue, October 31 2006

SH-Beltane Eve
Fire Festivals
Since the Celtic year was based on both lunar and solar cycles, it is most likely that the holiday would be celebrated on the full moon nearest the midpoint between the vernal equinox and the summer s

Pagan Misc Calendar
Wed, October 31 2007

Halloween, or Hallowe'en, is a tradition celebrated on the night of October 31, most notably by children dressing in costumes and going door-to-door collecting sweets, fruit, and other gifts, called m

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