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Heathen Date: Tyr`s day, Snowmoon 23, 2268 RE

This Pagan calendar shows Pagan, Witch, Druid and Heathen festivals, dates and events. Important neo-pagan festivals and religious holidays are included even if research into the origins are sketchy, as they are important in modern paganism. Understanding festivals roots is a good idea, for the fire festivals, research the Coligny calendar and Margaret Murray. For the Celtic tree calendar, research Robert Graves. Sources of information on old pagan festivals and calendar dates include the Coligny calendar, Cormac's Glossary and Bede's writings. Pagan carvings, pictures, artifacts and writings help validate certain events. But many events have a certain amount of guesswork added to make them useable today. Paganism has always been evolving, and our celebrations do too. As such, both modern and old events are included on this calendar for you to enjoy as you will. The dates are stored in GMT time and adjusted to the time zone you select. Everything on this site is free.

Main Wheel Of The Year events (fire festivals start on the preceding eve)

Fire Festivals

Quarter days 2017 2018

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Last Quarter 16 Jul 2017 20:26

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NH-Autumn Equinox(-122d)
Fri Sep 22nd 21:02 BST
NH-Lughnasadh eve(189d)
Tue Jul 31st 0:00 BST
Imbolc 1 Feb Spring Equinox Mon Mar 20 10:28 GMT Tue Mar 20 16:15 GMT
Beltane 1 May Summer Solstice Wed Jun 21 5:24 BST Thu Jun 21 11:07 BST
Lughnasadh 1 Aug Autumn Equinox Fri Sep 22 21:02 BST Sun Sep 23 2:54 BST
Samhain 31 Oct Winter Solstice Thu Dec 21 16:28 GMT Fri Dec 21 22:22 GMT

July 2017

Europe/London Change timezone
Long 0:07 W Lat 51:30 N
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Moon Phase
12 Jul 2017 info: Europe/London (0.07,51.30) - Sunrise: 04:58 Sunset: 21:13
Sun ge>cn 21 Jun 2017
Sun cn>le 22 Jul 2017
Moon cp>aq 10 Jul 2017
Moon aq>pi 12 Jul 2017
Mercury cn>le 6 Jul 2017
Mercury le>vi 25 Jul 2017
Venus ta>ge 5 Jul 2017
Venus ge>cn 31 Jul 2017
Mars ge>cn 4 Jun 2017
Mars cn>le 20 Jul 2017
Jupiter vi>li 9 Sep 2016
Jupiter li>sc 10 Oct 2017
Saturn sc>sa 18 Sep 2015
Saturn sa>cp 20 Dec 2017
Uranus pi>ar 12 Mar 2011
Uranus ar>ta 15 May 2018
Neptune aq>pi 3 Feb 2012
Neptune pi>ar 30 Mar 2025
Pluto sa>cp 27 Nov 2008
Pluto cp>aq 23 Mar 2023
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Pagan MoonPhase Calendar
Sat, July 1 2017 01:51:00

First Quarter
First Quarter, Medieval:Mead, Celtic:Moon of Claiming, NeoPagan:Rose Moon, 2017 Jul 01 00:51 Universal Time

Pagan Misc Calendar
Tue, July 3 2007

Dog Days
The phrase "Dog Days" conjures up the hottest, most sultry days of summer. The Old Farmer's Almanac lists the traditional timing of the Dog Days: the 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August 11, coi

Pagan Heathen Calendar
Tue, July 4 2006

Founder`s Day
July/Haymoon 4 Founder`s Day (Remembrance of Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson and A. Rudd Mills) Haymoon 4, Founder’s Day: On this day we honor the unselfish personal sacrifice and unswervi

Pagan Roman Calendar
Wed, July 5 2006

July 5 – Poplifugia, festival in honour of Jupiter

Pagan Roman Calendar
Thu, July 6 2006

Ludi Apollinares
July 6 to 13 – Ludi Apollinares, games in honour of Apollo (since 208 BC)

Pagan Celtic Calendar
Fri, July 7 2006

End of Oak Celtic tree month
D - Duir, the Oak Month (Jun 10th - July 7th)

Pagan Roman Calendar
Fri, July 7 2006

Nonae Caprotinae Juno
July 7 – Nonae Caprotinae Juno; also the sacerdotes publici sacrificed to Consus

Pagan Celtic Calendar
Sat, July 8 2006

Start of Holly Celtic tree month
T - Tinne, the Holly Month (July 8th - August 4th)

Pagan Heathen Calendar
Sun, July 9 2006

Day of Unn the Wise person
9 of Julio - Day of Unn the Wise person.Great matriarca that established dynasties in the islands Orcadas, Feroe and Iceland. Example to follow to make our own families grow strong, maintain the mem

Pagan Roman Calendar
Sun, July 9 2006

The Caprotinia, or feasts of Juno Caprotina, were ancient Roman festivals which were celebrated on July 9, in favour of the female slaves. During this solemnity they ran about, beating themselves with

Pagan MoonPhase Calendar
Sun, July 9 2017 05:07:00

Full Moon
Full Moon, Medieval:Mead, Celtic:Moon of Claiming, NeoPagan:Rose Moon, 2017 Jul 09 04:07 Universal Time

Pagan BirthsNDeaths Calendar
Thu, July 13 2006

John Dee BDay
John Dee (July 13, 1527 – 1608 or 1609) was a noted British mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, geographer, occultist, and consultant to Queen Elizabeth I. He also devoted much of his life to alc

Pagan MoonPhase Calendar
Sun, July 16 2017 20:26:00

Last Quarter
Last Quarter, Medieval:Mead, Celtic:Moon of Claiming, NeoPagan:Rose Moon, 2017 Jul 16 19:26 Universal Time

Pagan Roman Calendar
Tue, July 18 2006

day of bad omens
July 18 – day of bad omens: defeat in Allia (390 BC) that led to the sack of Rome by the Gauls

Pagan Roman Calendar
Wed, July 19 2006

The Lucaria was an ancient Roman feast, solemnized in the woods, where the Romans, defeated and pursued by the Gauls, retired and concealed themselves; it was held, on July 19, in a wood, between the

Pagan FirstNation Calendar
Thu, July 20 2006

End of Woodpecker month
Woodpecker - 21st June to 20th July. The Long Days Time. Direction: South by South East. Element: Water. Plant: Wild Rose. Mineral: Rose Quartz. Function: to merge.

Pagan FirstNation Calendar
Fri, July 21 2006

Start of Salmon month
Salmon - 22nd July - 21st August The Rippening Time. Direction: South. Element: Fire and Water. Plant: Raspberry. Mineral: Carnelian. Function - To do.

Pagan Roman Calendar
Sun, July 23 2006

July 23 – Neptunalia held in honour of Neptune

Pagan MoonPhase Calendar
Sun, July 23 2017 10:46:00

New Moon
New Moon, Medieval:Mead, Celtic:Moon of Claiming, NeoPagan:Rose Moon, 2017 Jul 23 09:46 Universal Time

Pagan Roman Calendar
Tue, July 25 2006

The Furinalia were Roman festivals instituted in honour of Furina, the goddess of robbers among the Romans; they took place on July 25. This goddess had a temple at Rome, and was served by a particula

Pagan Heathen Calendar
Sat, July 29 2006

Stikklestad Day
Haymoon 29 - Stikklestad Day: Olaf the Lawbreaker (“St. Olaf�) was killed at the battle of Stikklestad on this date in the year 1280 R.E. Olaf acquired a reputation for k

Pagan MoonPhase Calendar
Sun, July 30 2017 16:23:00

First Quarter
First Quarter, Medieval:Mead, Celtic:Moon of Claiming, NeoPagan:Rose Moon, 2017 Jul 30 15:23 Universal Time

Pagan Fire Festivals Calendar
Mon, July 31 2006

NH-Lughnasadh eve
Fire Festivals
Lughnasadh/Lammas, on August 1 and the preceding eve or on the full moon nearest the midpoint between the summer solstice and autumnal equinox, during the time of the harvesting. See August 1 for full

Pagan Fire Festivals Calendar
Mon, July 31 2006

SH-Imbolc Eve
Fire Festivals
Imbolc/Oimelc/Brigid`s Day, on February 2 and the preceding eve. associated with fertility. celebrated as a fire festival. midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox later in week. Celts

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