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Current Date: Apr 26 2017 18:31:36 BST (DST in effect)
Heathen Date: Odin's day, Ostara 26, 2267 RE
Pagan Calendar - Heathen Calendar

Disfest / Disablot


Disfest / Disablot




Jan 31 Every year


January 31 is Disfest or Disablot which is a day of sacrifice honoring the Disir. The Disir are all the female relatives from the eons of time that have passed over and over see as well as protect their living family members. In some homes every candle and light is lit in the house to honor them. A sacrifice of the very best food and drink in the house is given to the Landvættir/Land Wights as well. It is a day of remembrance and honoring the females that passed over and to thank them for their loving protection.


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