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Current Date: Feb 26 2018 03:53:50 GMT (DST not in effect)
Heathen Date: Manni`s day, Horning 26, 2268 RE
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Distaff Day


Distaff Day




Jan 12 Every year


January 12 known as St. Distaff`s day today, it was actually a pagan holiday honoring Frigga - a goddess of the household. Frigg/Frigga is a Norse goddess but many sources intermingle her with another sect of English early religions. It is another holiday which the church took and adulterated into one of their own to move the pagans away from their religion and towards the church. Typically, this was the day when the women would return to the household work, primarily of weaving the spun yarn, once the cleaning of the house after Yule was complete. A distaff is a spinning tool used to make yarn which is then used to weave into cloth on a loom.


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