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Current Date: Feb 22 2018 22:34:54 SAST (DST not in effect)
Heathen Date: Thor`s day, Horning 22, 2268 RE
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Heroes Day or Einheriar


Heroes Day or Einheriar




Nov 11 Every year


11 of November/Fogmoon - Feast of the Einherjar, Celebration of the Einherjar, day of the Heroes, day of those choosing to meet in Vallhalla, Remembrance day. It honors your ancestors and great heroes. The chosen heroes who sit in Odins Hall are the Einherjar. Today we honor those dead kin who gave their lives for Family and Folk. If you have friends or family who died in battle, visit their graves today, if that is not possible, drink a libation in their memory. In The USA this day is often held on memorial day in May.


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