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Current Date: Feb 22 2018 09:00:25 AST (DST not in effect)
Heathen Date: Thor`s day, Horning 22, 2268 RE
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Day of Herman the Cherusci


Day of Herman the Cherusci




Sep 09 Every year


Shedding 9 - Day of Remembrance for Herman of the Cherusci: Few mortals have privileged to serve our Folk as did Herman, a leader of the tribe called the Cherusci. We he defeated Varusā€™ three Roman Legions in 9 C.E. he blocked our amalgamation into the Mediterranean morass. Herman was very aware of his duties not only as a member of his tribe but also as an Asaman - indeed the two were probably inseparable with him. Shedding is the ideal time to give him praise, because the crucial battle for which he is remembered was fought during this tp://


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