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Heathen Date: Tyr`s day, Snowmoon 23, 2268 RE
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Day of Unn the Wise person


Day of Unn the Wise person




Jul 09 Every year


9 of Julio - Day of Unn the Wise person.Great matriarca that established dynasties in the islands Orcadas, Feroe and Iceland. Example to follow to make our own families grow strong, maintain the memory and traditions of our alive ancestors. It remembers the great women of your Clan. Haymoon 9 - Day of Remembrance for Unn the Deep Minded: Unn was a powerful figure from the Laxdaela Saga who emigrated to Scotland to avoid the hostility of King Harald Finehair. She established dynasties in the Orkney and Faroe Islands by carefully marrying off her grand daughters. As a settler in Iceland she continued to exhibit all those traits which were her hallmark-strong will, a determination to control, dignity, and a noble character. In the last days of her life, she established a mighty line choosing one of her grandsons as her heir. She died during his wedding celebration, presumable accomplishing her goals and worked out her orlog here in Midgard. She received a typical Nordic ship burial, surrounded by her treasure and her reputation for great deeds.


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