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Mummer`s Day


Mummer`s Day




Dec 26 Every year


Mummer`s Day, or `Darkie Day` as it is sometimes known, is an ancient Cornish midwinter celebration that occurs every year on Boxing Day and New Year`s Day in Padstow, Cornwall. It was originally part of the pagan heritage of midwinter celebrations that were regularly celebrated all over Cornwall where people would guise dance and disguise themselves by blackening up their faces or wearing masks. It was in contrast to the `white` summer festivals of Cornish towns such as Padstow, Helston and Penzance ( See `Obby `Oss festival). Recently the people of Penzance have revived its midwinter celebration with the Montol Festival which like Padstow at times would have had people darkening or painting their skin to disguise themselves as well as masking.


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